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As China enters WTO, enterprises are all facing up to brand new situations and great pressure of the market, competitions becoming more and more fierce both in and out of China. In such a challenging situation, many companies choose to launch reforms in them and try to bring about profits with high quality. It's no doubt the best choice for them to base their development on quality of products.

The basis of quality management in the enterprise

To promote the consciousness of quality among all employees, setting up the idea of ¡°quality comes first¡±: this is just the basis of quality management. For any enterprise should emphasize quality of products if it wants to get further development. The improvement of products' quality can not only help an enterprise hold its position in the market, but also enhance its own ¡°quality¡±, hence increasing its economic profits. As it's mentioned above, it's critical for an enterprise to promote the consciousness of quality among all employees, as it's the only way to the overall progress of any enterprise.
The complet e ¡°3-check¡± system

In order to make up for possible carelessness in quality checking, three checks should be integrated, that is, self-check, mutual check, and special check. On the one hand, employees can spot problems during their self-check so as to make immediate modifications before actual troubles arise; on the other, unqualified materials should not be transferred or reused, so that the number of unqualified products can be reduced and overall quality can be enhanced. Besides, employee's consciousness of quality should still be strengthened.

To implement the system of quality responsibility:
The system of quality responsibility can determine the obligations and rights of each functional department and of each employee in their jobs relating to quality of products. It's a way of quality management. Through implementing such a system, each employee can have a clear idea of his/her responsibility and tasks, so that they can take on their jobs more actively and strive to meet the company's demand on quality. This system is carried out together with the performance evaluation system, so that all employees can strive for the best quality facing the awards and punishments.

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